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VFA-Interlift e.V. is an industry-based association of SMEs with approx. 230 member companies which have an annual turnover of approx. €1 billion. Its members manufacture lifts and their components. Planners, engineers, software providers, maintenance companies, the press, and other service providers are represented as VFA members.


Aktive Mitglieder

Thanks to its members, VFA-Interlift e.V. constitutes a highly effective skills network.

Products and Services

Products and Services

Overview of products and services from member companies.

Applying for membership

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This is where you can apply to become a member of VFA-Interlift e.V.

Job Vacancies

Aktuelle Stellenangebote

This is where you can find current offers of employment with our members.

The benefits of membership

VFA-Interlift e.V. can provide you with information about technical guidelines. You can exhibit on joint stands at exhibitions held in foreign countries. People who are interested in the VFA Academy receive a members’ discount on all VFA events. There are numerous regular contacts between members to exchange experiences within the lift sector network, for example at the members’ meeting or in the VFA’s working groups that examine standards, energy, and (further) training. The quarterly infoline newsletter provides members with information about the current status of standards, ordinances, legislation, and directives relating to lifts as well as things worth knowing about that are happening in the sector. VFA members can download the current issue in the restricted access area. It’s worth becoming a VFA member!

What makes our members so special?

Members from SMEs provide the Association with the clout it needs to move the experts in the right direction, one that will be beneficial for all concerned. Members are very actively involved and contribute their specialist knowledge, without which the Association would only be able to fulfil just a few of its many tasks.


Advice & consulting for members

VFA members have the opportunity to use the services of 6 experts at favourable terms and conditions. The initial session is free, and a variety of topics are offered