Applying for membership

Here are the 4 main reasons to apply for membership of our Association:

  • Information about legislation and technical regulations such as DIN, CEN, ISO, as well as current work on standards
  • Joint stands for members at international exhibitions
  • Generous members’ discounts for any event organised by the VFA Academy
  • Regular contact with around 160 members as well as the specialist press, for example at the members’ meeting

Our Association offers further benefits:

  • Active involvement in standardisation work as a “VFA delegate”
  • Collaboration with national, European, and international institutions and organisations such as ELA, VDMA, VDI, and VmA
  • Free advice/consulting for members about intellectual property, energy management in your own company, legal matters, funding, innovation grants/subsidies, and generational change
  • We sponsor and offer expert support to interlift, the world’s biggest lift exhibition in Augsburg, including the VFA Forum
  • The infoline newsletter with up-to-date information about the sector; it can also be accessed via the archive on the VFA website
  • Company searches in the interactive register of members on the VFA website, with detailed member profiles
  • Free publication of job vacancies on the VFA website
  • Database of members’ products and services on the VFA website

Find out more about the excellent cost-benefit ratio of VFA-Interlift e.V. membership. We’d be delighted to come and see you so that we can also explain the benefits to you in person.

Membership fees for VFA members


Annual fee (1-10 employees): 785,00 €

Annual fee (11-50 employees): 1.550,00 €

Annual fee (51-100 employees): 2.350,00 €

Annual fee (100+ employees): 3.125,00 €

VAT at the current rate is applicable in each case. The fee is due in the 1st quarter of the current year, once the invoice has been sent out. We charge a one-off registration fee of €250

Free advice/consulting for VFA members

Phone-based legal information

Rechtsanwalt Ulf Reese

The VFA consultant for legal matters is Ulf Reese, a lawyer in the Hamburg-based Lüke Reese firm of solicitors. Ulf Reese specialises in construction and architects’ law, and offers free phone advice to any VFA member in cases of emergency. This can include a one-off exchange of current documents (up to approx. 5 pages) via mail/email and a return phone call that offers an expert opinion.

Lüke Reese Solicitors, specialising in Commercial and Civil Law
Telephone +49 (0) 40 23858370 Internet, E-Mail

Intellectual property law

Martin Glöckner (Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtschutz)

Martin Glöckner is a solicitor who specialises in intellectual property law, and he offers VFA members a free initial advice session relating to intellectual property matters. This can also take place at the member’s premises.

RA Glöckner, Glöckner Keller Solicitors
Telephone +49 (0) 911 2550990, E-Mail

Generational change – corporate succession

Anne Bernlöhr M.A.

Anne Bernlöhr M.A. advises VFA members about generational change in companies via a free (phone-based) initial session. She has specialised for many years in the particular circumstances associated with family businesses. Handing over a company can take 5-10 years, so initiating this complex process at an early stage is crucial for success. The focus is on both generations and how change can be implemented in practice.

BERNLÖHR Organisationsberatung Familienunternehmen
Internet, E-Mail, Telephone +49 (0) 641-35956 Mobil 0171-4710511

Funding advice in relation to innovation grants/subsidies

Hans-Wilhelm Berghoff

Members can access a free initial advice session (on the phone or in person in Lübeck) if they want information about possible innovation grants/subsidies from the EU as well as national government and regional states. Your contact person is Hans-Wilhelm Berghoff.

Internet, E-Mail

Energy management in your own company

Volker Knopf, Enersave GmbH

Enersave Gebäude- und Energiemanagement GmbH provides insights about the need to use energy efficiently and buy it at competitive rates in the liberalised energy market. It produces energy audits that comply with DIN 16247-1 as well as certifications according to DIN EN 50001. VFA-Interlift e.V. members receive a free, personalised information session as well as a 10% discount on Enersave services (commercial and technical energy management).

Enersave GmbH Internet, E-Mail