Joint stands

Since 1995 the Association has offered its members the opportunity to participate in lift exhibitions throughout the world by using joint or shared stands. This is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce yourself, forge initial contacts, and gain an overview of the respective markets. VFA has already been represented in this way since 2009 in Moscow, India, China, South America, Poland, and South Korea. In 2013, VFA has once again been represented via a joint stand at asansör 2019 and Lift Expo Russia 2019.

Exhibitions featuring joint VFA stands on almost every continent have been a complete success in terms of feedback from visitors. The member companies that have taken part emphasise the major benefits that arise from their involvement in countries such as India, Brazil, and Poland. They see their presence as a launch pad to penetrate new markets, acquire new customers and partners, and gain direct access to market information. The service provided by VFA guarantees fruitful participation in exhibitions with minimal expenditure of time/effort and low costs. Furthermore, people praise the excellent and reliable planning and the powerful branding under the “Made in Germany” umbrella.

Joint stands that are planned for 2022

  • No joint stands planned at the moment.

Joint stands that are planned for 2021

  • No joint stands planned at the moment.

Joint Stands 2020

  • 18.–21.08.2020, WEE Expo 2020, Shanghai
  • 07.–09.09.2020, TES – The Elevator Show 2020, Dubai
  • 23.–25.09.2020, International Lift Expo Korea 2020, Seoul
  • 13.–5.10.2020, EURO LIFT 2020, Kielce

Joint Stands 2019

  • 20.–23.03.2019, Eurasia 2019, Istanbul
  • 21.–24.03.2019, asansör 2019, Istanbul
  • 23.–26.04.2019, International Elevator Exhibition 2019, Langfang
  • 26.–28.06.2019, Russian Elevator Week 2019, Moscow
  • 27.–29.08.2019, Global Lift & Escalator Expo, Johannesburg