The VFA Academy offers specialist events with current topics for an audience from the lift industry.

The international VFA Forum interlift accompanies the world´s leading trade fair interlift in Augsburg, Germany. The VFA Forum interlift offers trade fair exhibitors and other interested parties a platform to present their trade fair innovations, their views and their knowledge to an international trade audience. The participation is free of charge.

Forum Interlift – Achim Hütter

VFA-Forum interlift ’23 Vorträge / Lectures

VFA-Forum interlift 2023 Lectures (96.6 MiB)

Just like before Corona!

The VFA Forum interlift, which accompanies the trade fair, offers a professional look beyond national borders at international topics as well as trends and new technologies in the world of lifts. With its visitor numbers, the VFA Forum interlift '23 was able to seamlessly build on the time before Corona.

A total of over 2,200 listeners found their way to Hall 2 for the VFA Forum - this means that around one in eight of this year's 19,000 trade fair visitors attended at least one of a total of 35 specialist presentations on the latest news and developments in lift technology.

Once again, the presentations on codes and standards were particularly popular. In this context, the VFA Forum offered a special format, the "SME Special", which dealt with European lift standardisation and the role of small and medium-sized companies in the industry.

A topical focus was the new Machinery Directive. The presentation by Esfandiar Gharibaan - Chairman of the CEN/TC 10 Technical Committee - with insights directly from the European Committee for Standardisation in Brussels was one of the most popular presentations. The following day, René Hermann, Chairman of the working group WG 1 of this committee, reported on the current status of EN ISO 8100-1/2, also attracting well over 100 eager listeners. Both presentations made it clear: The industry is facing similarly turbulent times with regard to the regulations as it did around ten years ago during the transition of EN 81-1/2 into the EN 81-20/50 standards - but this time worldwide.

The importance of digitalisation in the industry was also demonstrated by the very large audience, as the industry is currently experiencing similarly revolutionary changes as in the regulations. The 120 seats in the forum were nowhere near enough for the presentation on cyber security in lift systems and their components, for example.

The next call for presentations will be issued in May 2024 for the VFA Forum interlift '25 in Nuremberg. At the new trade fair location, experts will once again highlight highly topical, internationally moving issues from the world of lifts in compact twenty-minute presentations.

Zip-files from 2013 until 2022 contain all available Lectures in PDF file formate.