Globalisation means that the prevailing conditions for foreign companies in the lift sector have noticeably improved in many countries, for example in the new EU Member States as well as in India and China. This facilitates an environment which can lead to lucrative business relationships in the lift sector, and this positive environment can be further enhanced. Growth rates for new installations and modernisations have steadily increased. Due to the harmonisation of standards as well as the desire for design and quality, the outlook for European products in particular (and thus our members’ products too) is very promising.

VFA has taken account of this issue and has offered joint stands at exhibitions in emerging nations such as India and China. Those companies that have been involved have confirmed that this option has been positively received at the respective events. Collaboration with international exhibition companies has been intensified.



The world’s most international lift exhibition: 574 exhibitors, over 44,000 m² of exhibition space, plus 21,260 visitors from 107 nations

Trade Shows

  • Debates about standards
  • Schwelmer Symposium

Joint Stands


Members are able to participate in international exhibitions via joint VFA stands.

Exhibition training

Messetraining für den internationalen Auftritt

Are you fit for the exhibition? This compact course familiarises people staffing the stand with customers and what they want.

Advantages of joint VFA stands

  • Minimal expenditure of time and effort when planning and organising exhibitions
  • Low costs (in terms of total expenditure) thanks to joint stands
  • Access to new markets
    • Obtaining information about markets
    • Building business relationships
    • Acquiring new customers

Services for VFA members

  • Information about – and invitations to – relevant international exhibitions
  • Exhibition stand processing
  • Selection and booking of hotels
  • Support when applying for visas
  • Processing of logistics for stands/exhibitors (delivery, return transport)
  • Shuttle service from hotel to exhibition