Collaborations: VFA activities and offers


Bringing together information through collaboration

Ever since its foundation, VFA has pursued the following objectives for the Association:

  • To establish and nurture contacts with other relevant specialist organisations, both at home and abroad
  • To establish, promote and nurture contacts with the specialist press, both at home and abroad
  • To be involved in national and international advisory bodies that examine and progress issues that are vital for lift technology.

HeandeVFA now represents its members’ interests in influential national, European, and international bodies. For example, it has a seat on the board of the European Lift Association (ELA) and is involved in every ELA-Committee. VFA regularly exchanges views and information with other national associations, for example from the USA, China, Italy, and England. Its many national contacts with German organisations and institutions provide first-hand, detailed information for its members.

What does VFA-Interlift e.V. stand for?

VFA-Interlift represents the interests
of small and medium-sized lift
and component manufacturers.

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Contact information

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