Welcome to the VFA Academy

VFA has run its own Academy to provide (further) training about lift technology since 2008. The events organised by this institution provide employees of VFA member companies and other interested parties with an introduction to a “lift technology” trade and/or course of study that isn’t available in Germany. The Academy relies on input from highly qualified and experienced tutors as well as collaboration with other commercial institutions and organisations.


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  • Compliant with VDI 2168
  • Electrical engineering

(in German)


  • Debates about standards
  • interlift VFA Forum

Technical Sponsorship

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  • Heilbronner Aufzugstage
  • Schwelmer Symposium
  • European Lift Congress in Heilbronn (ELCH)


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Experts pass on their specialist knowledge in every seminar or course. Get to know them! (in German)

At the moment, there’s no occupational profile for the lift sector or any course of study relating to “lift technology”. Employees in the lift sector have completed their training in other areas, and it’s only once they’re working in their respective companies that they obtain specific skills/knowledge in the area of “lift technology”. This is precisely where the VFA Academy and what it offers can make a real difference. Employees from every area such as sales, assembly and disassembly, operational testing, project management, planning and construction are able to acquire and/or hone skills in courses and seminars. VFA conferences offer a wide range of topics to mid-ranking and senior management. The European Lift Congress (ELCH) and interlift VFA Forum enable people to learn about issues in the world of lifts that transcend national borders.

What makes the VFA Academy so special?

The People!

  • Highly qualified experts from the sector who compile our courses and seminars
  • Members who volunteer as hosts for our courses and seminars
  • Members who pass on their current expertise to participants
  • Participants whose feedback strengthens us and gives us fresh ideas

Knowledge – mobility – practice

  • Thanks to their work in this sector, our experts really know about what’s happening right now. Their knowledge is reliable and up to date.
  • Knowledge on your doorstep: our courses take place in our member companies throughout Germany, as well as in Austria and Switzerland.
  • All our courses and seminars are highly relevant to everyday practice: the topics come to life via lift inspections, exhibits, and sample circuits to practise with